St. John’s Purpose


Mission Statement

St. John the Baptist Catholic School develops students who achieve academic excellence, live as productive and responsible citizens, and exhibit Christian values in the Catholic tradition.

Our Mission In Action

Our foremost goal is to give our students the tools to succeed in secular life and to LIVE their Catholic faith on a daily basis.

How it is Implemented
– Each day begins with  prayer and prayer is integrated throughout the entire school day
– Special emphasis on Eucharistic Adoration, Reconciliation, Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy and    Social Justice
– Roman Catholic philosophy incorporated throughout each curriculum area
– Mass is attended twice a week


The vision of St. John’s Catholic Schools is to provide an excellent educational experience in the Catholic tradition, enabling all students to learn about Jesus, the value of virtue and character, and the beauty of our Church.


Teachers, staff, and administrators at St. John’s believe that students can meet or exceed high academic standards.  This begins with a rigorous curriculum, supporting high levels of student engagement.  Our students are given opportunities to think critically, work collaboratively, and express learning in creative ways.  Furthermore, through the analysis of our instructional practices and data, we adjust our teaching and operational systems in order to continuously improve.  We are committed to fostering the intellectual development and growth of our St. John’s family, embracing the learning attitude of the future.

Along with a rigorous academic program, the stakeholders of St. John’s Catholic Schools believe in developing the Catholic values necessary for spiritual and religious formation.  We have a Theology curriculum that is ripe with opportunities to integrate our faith.  Similarly, we propose that all learning areas of the curriculum, and thus all teachers in our school, can make a significant contribution to our students’ spiritual and moral development.  Theology is woven into the very fabric of our teaching and learning processes.

In summary, we believe in striving for excellence in education by assisting our children to develop academically, spiritually, emotionally, and physically.  Integrating a strong Catholic foundation will allow our students to acquire the skills and motivation necessary for continued success throughout their lives.