Ways to Give

Give On-line

So much of our work in educating and forming our students depends upon the generosity of others. Financial assistance in any amount is greatly appreciated and will benefit many generations.
1) Teacher School Endowment
We believe in order to carry out the education mission of our school, to a large degree, depends on having highly qualified teachers with outstanding character. Consequently, this cannot happen without funds to support them. The Teacher School Endowment has been initiated through an anonymous donation and will allow 10% of its corpus per year to support increasing teachers’ salaries and other school-related needs.
2) Student Scholarship Fund
This fund assists families who wish for their children to receive an education through St. John’s, but do not have the financial means to do so.  Students may receive partial financial assistance or full scholarship.
3) General Fund
Financial donations to the general fund are welcome and will be allocated according to prioritized needs.